100 Mile Race - Sept 24-25
  Sheldon ran the 100 mile trail race at
  Pinckney State Park.
He started at
  4:00pm Friday and finished at 3:53pm

   The course was 6  16.6 mile loops.
  The first 3 loops he ran alone, (loops
  2 & 3
at night). Loop 4 he ran with
  Michael (at night).  Loop 5 with Ricky
  and loop 6 with Laura. Amy was in
  charge of all the coordinations.

23 hours 53 minutes

warming up before the race.

Laura before race at the start/finish line.

Sheldon before the race.

and they're off!

The first lap was in daylight

laps 2, 3 and 4 were at night

the coordinators

getting ready for loop 3


CREW preparing for lap 4

running at night

stopping at an aid station
Michael and Sheldon
finished with Michael

finished Loop 4

start Loop 5 with Ricky

stopping at an aid station
running with Ricky


waiting for Sheldon and Ricky

here they come... done with loop 5

starting loop 6

Sheldon and Laura ready to start loop 6

Laura and Sheldon on the last loop

Laura and Sheldon run loop 6

Ricky joins them for the last 4 miles

Sheldon finishes loop 6 and the race

with Laura

Sheldon wins a belt buckle & a VW for being 2nd in his age group

the campsite where people slept while Sheldon ran

Sheldon and his helpers (Mike & Laura left early for a wedding)

...and Amy ran in the Flower Power 5 mile race : )
   I would like to thank my entire crew for all your help over the weekend. You took care of all my needs at the aid stations and gave me great support. I felt pretty bad at the end of lap 2; after being stung by a bee, taking a fall, developing blisters, and feeling nauseated, all with still 67 miles to go. I wasn't feeling too optimistic.  But you guys were all business, replenishing my water and food and sending me on my way. So I kept running, and soon felt just fine.
   As I predicted I was alone after the first lap, so I was happy to reach the half-way point and my pacers.  You three did a great job!  Michael got me through some low points in the race during the wee hours of the night without losing too much time, Rick hung with me when morning broke and I got a second (or 3rd or 4th) wind, and Laura pushed me to the end after I decided I would try to break 24 hours. When my knee became too painful to run on we used speed walking, which is her specialty, to get me to the finish line just under 24 hours.
    My knee feels much better.  I am going to wait until tomorrow to determine if I should go to the doctor.  I felt much better after I got home last night, and today I'm just sore.  I'm already thinking about which 100 I'm going to run next and how I can improve my time.  Got to break 20 hours!             --Sheldon