Run Woodstock - Peace, Love and 50 Miles

Run Woodstock!   Here is Sheldon half way through
his 50 mile run-- “Peace, Love and 50 Miles”.

"He wasn't expecting to see me there" --- Amy

Sheldon off to finish the last 4.2 miles of his
second loop (he ran three 16.6 loops).

Finishing loop 2!

Here we are waiting to see Sheldon as he passes
the last Aid Station of his 3rd loop.

Here he comes.

Only 4.2 miles to go!

Laura excitedly waiting for Sheldon to finish.

The finish line.

Racing to the finish line!

Crossing the finish line (we have no idea who the camoflauged boy is giving Sheldon the High-5).


He survived :)

Receiving the fabulous Tie-Dye Peace medal

An Ultra-Marathoner! : )

Flower Power 5 miles + Free Love (Gratis Eisker) 5 miles

Amy missed Race-E (Far Out 5K Evening Race) Friday night, but did run Race-F:
The Flower Power 5-mile on Saturday.

Amy on Sunday right before running Race-G:
The Free Love 5 mile:  Translated in Norwegian to:
Gratis elsker fem mil.

Laura after the Free Love 5-mile.

All done running for the weekend : )