Congratulations Ben!    2010

Ben Lerman was named valedictorian
for Windward's Class of 2010.

Our Grandson, Ben, has just graduated from High School today and we are so proud. He received awards in math and science and received the prize award of being the Valedictorian of his graduating class. We love him and can hardly contain our joy. He is going to Stanford University in the fall. Besides all this acclaim, he is so well rounded. He teaches Sunday school at Stephen S. Wise Temple, runs track on the school team, does community service dictated by the school, plays the tenor saxophone and clarinet, is in the orchestra and the jazz band, and taught himself guitar and piano. Today at graduation, he and a friend sang Beyonce's song Halo and Ben played the keyboard to accompany him and his friend while they sang. Only a proud Grandma and Grandpa can sing his praises and not be  ashamed of so much bragging!
Love to all our friends and family,
Sharron and Harry

Ben and his friend, Nick performing
Beyonce's song "Halo" at graduation:



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