FREE PRESS MARATHON 2004  page 1 (photos from Jeanie/Laura/Jennifer/Eric)

At the Expo in front of the Countdown Clock

At the Spaghetti Dinner

Pre-Race  (Green bib means first marathon)


Coming out of the Windsor Tunnel: 9 miles

Fox and State Theatres: 12 1/2 miles

12 1/2 miles

Waiting for Sheldon at Compuware: 13 1/2 miles

13 1/2 miles

Michael and Amy at 9 miles

Ricky and Amy's friend Amy at 9 miles

Waiting by the Fox

Bailey's First Marathon

Studying the maps




Amy and Michael: 12 1/2 miles

The "other Amy" and Ricky: 12 1/2 miles
Page 2: Sheldon Finishes