First Days of School  2020        newest on top

Bailey's First Football Game

Bryce's First Soccer Game

Emmett's New School that he can't go to

Bryce   First Day of High School

Kindergarten for...


2nd Grade for Brielle

Ninth Grade for Bryce

Parker and his 1st grade teacher - Mrs Biermann
First Day of School 2020
porch pictures

Blake - Kindergarten
Brielle - 2nd Grade


Parker at his pod

"First day front porch pictures still to come..."

"... but here they are ready to learn this morning!"

Emmett at his pod

Ready to start pre-school pod

Good-bye Emmett

Emmett on his way to a 2 mornings a week pre-school pod

Parker starts Virtual First Grade at home

"Picked up our chromebooks today
 in a fast and smooth transaction!"

"The kids are super excited and happy!
Ready to kick off a new school year!"
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