"Happy Halloween!!"

"Melissa: Brielle, you're my favorite Wonder Woman.
CJ: That's myyyy Wonder Woman!
And that's myyyy best friend!! "


"Bailey's pumpkin!"

"Best Halloween ever!!"

"That's a lot of candy!"

"Happy Halloween all!"         (Aaron & Liora)

"Happy Halloween !"

"How to rock Halloween!!"

"Trick or treat!!"

"Ben as Frankenstein!"

"Zack is ready tp trick or treat :)"

PreSchool (C.J. and Brielle)

PreSchool (Parker)

"Pumpkin family! "     from Melissa

"Don't mess with our candy."   (Blake & Brielle)

Zoo Boo

"My name is DJ Lance, DJ Lance, DJ Lance Rock!!"

"Brielle dressed her babies in halloween outfits
 and costumes 
and requested a photoshoot."

"Brielle went shopping with CJ and Uncle Cyril! "

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