HIKES/WALKS/RACES 2008        
April 5
Autism 5K Run/Walk Lansing
Ricky, Sandy, Emily, Mike, Laura
April 6 - July 5 Multiple Training Runs Jen, Melissa
May 31
Race for the Cure
Dad, Ricky & Sandy

June 15
Run Drugs Out of Town  5K Run/Walk
Jen, Melissa, Dad, Mom, Sandy,
Ricky, Emily, Mike, Laura, Peggy
June 22 The Habitat Trail & All Visitor's Trail
Independence Oaks County Park
Mom, Dad, Grandma K
June 29-July 7
Trails in Acadia National Park
Mike, Laura
July 4 Deer Run, Fox, Chickadee,Tamarack, Aspen, Pine, and Wildwing Trails
Kensington MetroPark
Mom, Dad
July 5 5 miles at the Melpolder Picnic
Kensington MetroPark
Jen, Melissa, Amy
July 7-11
Deer Run Trail
Albert E. Sleeper State Park
Sheldon, Bryce, Bailey, Mom Dad & Amy
July 23
The 8 mile trail around the lake!!!
Kensington MetroPark
Mom, Dad
July 26
The 367 yard trail around the pond : )
Indian Springs MetroPark
Mom, Dad, Grandma K
Aug 10
4 miles approx to and around pond
Maybury State Park
Mom, Dad
Aug 20 Deer Run Trail, Fox Trail, Chickadee Loop
Kensington MetroPark
Mom, Dad
Aug 22 Marsh Trail, Meadow, Trail, River Trail
Heritage Park, Farmington Hills
Mom, Dad
Aug 24
Amy runs 2/3 of the way (14 miles) to
Bailey's Birthday Party
Sept 11
Deer Run Trail & Fox Trail
Kensington MetroPark
Mom, Dad, Ricky, Sandy
Sept 13-21
Sheldon, Laura
Sept 21 Wildwing, Aspen, Deer Run & Fox Trail
Kensington MetroPark
Mom, Dad, Ricky, Sandy
Sept 28 Aspen Trail
Kensington MetroPark
Ricky, Sandy, Emily, Ben

Oct 4
Crooked Lake Trail
Pinckney State Recreational Area
Mom, Dad, Ricky, Sandy
Oct 12 Walk Now For Autism
Palace of Auburn Hills
Register 10:00 -  Walk 12:00
followed by
Mackenzie's 1st Birthday Party 3:00
Sandy, Ricky, Emily, Ben, Mom, Dad, Jennifer, Eric, Bailey, Bryce, (GrandmaK)Mike, Laura, Amy, Sheldon Jr, (Debbie), (Melissa, Cyril, Mackenzie)
Oct 19 Free Press Marathon
Mike, Laura
Nov 27
Turkey Trot - Dragon
Mike, Laura, Ricky, Dad, & Amy
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