Travel Bug Pictures - 2013 - NOVEMBER & DECEMBER   (newest on top)

2014 Travel Bug Photos

Gnome Cyril Sheldon with Cyril Sheldon and Cyril

Gnome with Signal (#13)                  Macedonia

Sheldon Jr Duck               Michigan
"Sheldon will be hanging out with me for a while :-)"

A Gnome named Cyril Sheldon        Michigan
Starts his journey on December 5, 2013

A Gnome named Michael             New York
"At Hannacroix Ravine Preserve in NY"

Sheldon Jr Duck               Michigan
"Sheldon jr with my collection."

A Gnome named Parker Michael   Ferndale, Michigan
back home with Parker Michael

A Fairy named Laura BL         Île-de-France, France
"With a new friend ;-)"

A Gnome named Zack2 starts his journey in Michigan

November 26 Parker Michael came home   and
A Gnome named Parker Michael came home too.

Michael Duck      Kensington MetroPark, Michigan
"We didn't manage to stay completely dry but did not
get soaked. I know Mr Duck was hoping otherwise."

Michael Duck begins his journey

Sheldon Jr Duck begins his journey

Cheschire Cat                      Georgia
"It's cold in Georgia! Time for a Cup o Joe!"

Sheldon Gnome Jr 3         North Island, New Zealand

Sheldon Gnome Jr 3          North Island, New Zealand
"Sheldon with the Hunterway Dog"

Kensington Bee                     Colorado
"The travel bee!"

Michael Duck with Michael

Sheldon Jr Duck with Sheldon

DOROTHY travel bug starts her journey

The FRIENDLY LION travel bug starts his journey

The SCARECROW travel bug starts his journey

 GLENDA travel bug starts her journey

The Wicked  WITCH travel bug starts her journey

The TIN WOODSMAN travel bug starts his journey

 Fairy Julie            Michigan
"The boys were just as excited to find this as I was!"

          Bretagne, France
TB swap"
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