Travel Bug Pictures - 2017 - SEPTEMBER (newest on top)
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Tyrannasaurus Dino Duck             Tennessee

Baby's First Travel Bug      New York
"Visited the Indian Hill Memorial. "

Baby's First Travel Bug      New York
"Visited Lakeview Micro"

Baby's First Travel Bug      New York
"Visited Highland Forest. "

Gnome Eric2 
"Hi Eric! Saw this guy at HQ today :) thanks for visiting! "

Green Lantern Duck
      Oost-Vlaanderen, Belgium
Wij nemen deze graag mee naar Nederland!"

Emmett Butterfly 
"Seen it today. Decided to leave for the next cacher
 to continue its travels. 
Did get Emmett out and spread
his wings some before returning to the cache."

Emmett Butterfly 
"We'll have Emmett the Butterfly travel along with us for a bit. "

Gnome with Signal 
            Alberta, Canada
"Gnome in the woods!  -  Hanging out near GZ"
"Found a cute little home just outside of Hinton AB,  Canada.
This is at the start of the Scenic Route to Alaska!
Safe travels little guy!!"

2012 Fairy named Amy     South Dakota

Gnome Chad4    Michigan
"Moving on."

Scarecrow Duck     
Hainaut, Belgium
"En route pour de nouvelles aventures chez dans
 la maison d'un cousin éloigné. "
On the way to new adventures in the home of a distant cousin.]

Pirate John Hyde is looking for treasure

Pirate John Hyde is ready to travel

Baby's First Travel Bug      New York
"New temporary home in NY"
Dropped off in New York's oldest cache." 

MOE Zombie Duck is ready to travel

Pirate Patch Duck               Michigan
"Took patch. Will take him up to northern west Michigan."

Fairy Sandy3
"Dropped in a Brighton, MI TB hotel,
 "Calling All German Geocachers (TB Hotel)"."
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