John Melpolder
father: Jan Melpolder (1842-1896)
mother: Alida Johanna Mand (1852-1895)
brother: Nicholas Peter Melpolder
sisters: Ella Pifer; Dena DeBriun, & Catherine Oonk
born: 1874 in Amsterdam, Holland
died: 1965 in NY
family arrived in America (from Holland) March 1890

married: Pauline May Jenkins  July 11, 1902  in NY, NY  Marriage License
1. Cynthia Melpolder (1903-1986)
    m. Kenneth A. Van Lente (1903-1998) June 18, 1929 in Wahington D.C.
    ch. Ann Sedman; Cynthia Ruth Ward; Johanna Vandrey; Frederick Melpolder
2. John Melpolder  1904-1908 (?)
3. Catherine Melpolder  dy
4. Ruth Harriet Melpolder (1908-1997)
    m. Leon H. Kleis (1906-1996)
    ch. Leon Kleis Jr; Louise Dorothy Balkema, Barbara Lynn Arnold
5. Thomas Marshall Melpolder (1910-1987)
    m. Elizabeth C. Whitman (1910-1985)
    ch. Ann Elizabeth Melpolder; Thomas Whitman Melpolder; Julie Ellen Jones;
          Katherine Mary Donaldson
6. Robert Hannes Melpolder  (1912-1990)
    m. Margaret Griesbauer (1912-1989)
    ch. Robert Andrew Melpolder; Theodore Edward Melpolder; Mary Ann Melpolder
7. Frank Wicks Melpolder (b.1916)
    m. Jean Henneberger (b.1919-2003)
    ch. John Baker Melpolder; Frank Frederick Melpolder; Donald James Melpolder
8. Louise May Melpolder (b.1919)
    m. R. Terry Kauffman (b.1918) Aug 9, 1941 in Detroit MI
    ch. Dorothy Jean Lerman; Richard Terry Kauffman Jr; Mary Patricia Kauffman
9. Dorothy Jean Melpolder (b.1922)
   m. Ralph Marvin Doll (1918-1995) in Detroit MI
   ch. Catherine Elizabeth Roth; Ralph Marvin Doll Jr; Robert Stewart Doll;
         Jean Ann Deihs; Alan Richard Doll; Diane Louise Sawnick; John Douglas Doll
         Charles Edward Doll

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