Sandy's Kitchen Make-Over
(We forgot to take a "before" picture)
DAY 1 - Saturday

DAY 2 - Sunday

DAY 3 - Monday


Primer on bricks finally done !

DAY 4 - Tuesday

DAY 5 -  Early Wednesday Morning
Thanks you all for putting up with me for the last four
days and helping make the kitchen make over a success.  Although we didn't technically finish, we came pretty close.

Mike and mom stayed until about 2am to help paint trim and put the furniture back into the kitchen.

Amy was a woman obsessed, and stayed until the floor was completely clean which was about 3am.

After putting all of the kitchen stuff back in the kitchen and putting all the other stuff  into the basement, I retired at about 4pm.

Thanks again, it looks great!

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I just wanted to thank you guys for the beautiful job you did on the kitchen.  I was over-whelmed!  I know that you spent many countless hours in the heat and it is deeply appreciated! 

 Sandy :0)