2007 Picnic Photos from Jeanie

Donna and Fred Melpolder from North Carolina

Karen, Ricky and Rich from Wisconsin

Dan (Ohio), Kathy (Iowa), Julie (Ohio), and Ann (Michigan)

Terry from Wisconsin

Chris, (Louise), and Tom Melpolder from Kansas, and Patty

Louise and Tommy

Linda and Evan from Wisconsin

Andi and Tom from Ohio?

Bill Slimmen, Louise, and MacDonald

Patty and Terry

Matt and Cal from Wisconsin

and Nikki

Zachary and Evan

Jennifer and  Melissa

Amy and Bryce

Laura and Mike

Sandy and Debbie

Ricky and Chad

Sheldon and Louise

Sheldon, Rich, and Sheldon Jr

Louise, Eric and Bryce looking at the Balloon Man (Evan)

Laura and Mike

Emily and Bailey


Amy, Jennifer, Melissa, Emily and Bailey


newest Jenkins-Melpolder-Kauffman-Lerman-Jean

        Melpolder Badmiten Game

        People at the Melpolder Picnic
                 The Lerman Picnic Jugglers
                 Trying again...
                    And again...

        Run, Bailey, Run

Emily and friend Emily. Now they can play their video games.

Amy, Ricky, & Mike:     SEE YOU NEXT YEAR: JULY 5th, 2008
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