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"Drew getting ready to have his meniscus repaired" 

Drew is doing well.  After having pancreatitis,
 his knee doesn't feel so bad. :)  He just has to
 be on crutches and in a brace for at least
 4 weeks and then strengthening and
 back to new in 4 months.   
Drew Feb 2017
February 23, 2017
Sandra Lerman: Ben rolled his ankle at school. Waiting at St Johns for an X-ray.

Sandra Lerman: Just a sprain!
                                                                          day 3
February 19, 2017
"Tried to race Bailey up the trampoline wall at Airtime. (A Tramoline  Park) Made it to the top, but rolled my ankle on the landing."  --Jennifer 

Wahh. Either a bad sprain or a fracture. Urgent care sucks and can't tell. 😭 Waiting for the radiologist to call tomorrow. I heard the doctor say to the nurse - "A 34 year old was on a trampoline?!" Why yes! I actually enjoy playing with my kids at Airtime! Raar!! Prayers please for a speedy recovery!!

February 20, 2017
"Orthopedic surgeon says: oh yea,
 that's a fracture.

Good news is no cast needed. Just have to wear this crazy shoe and have to rest, rest, rest. "

Parker was playing at the Great Lakes Aquarium.

Parker fell on his face. Hospital visit; but no stitches.