Christmas Dinner at Amy and Chris'

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           Bailey visits Chuck E Cheese
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            Melissa & Chris' Birthday Party

The Wedding

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                   Bath Time

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The Grandma and Jennifer's Party

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       Picture with new camera


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           Bailey at the Cider Mill  
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Bailey's Second Marathon

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"How's this smile?"

Bailey's 1st Bridal Shower

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  Bailey Goes to Another Big Party
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Bailey's First Birthday Party

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Crawling at Emily's Birthday Party
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Melpolder/Jenkins Reunion Picnic

Bailey's First Treasure Hunt

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Bailey babysits for Mila
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Sears Portrait
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Bailey's First FireWorks
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Bailey's First Father's Day

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Photos from Melissa's Graduation

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Bailey has Birthday Cake
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Bailey's First Fashion Show
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Hide and Seek

                   SOLID FOOD

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Bailey's First Easter

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Bailey's First Valentines Day

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