Melpolder/Jenkins-Kauffman Annual Reunion PICNIC 2005

front row: Nikki w/Cal, Karen w/Ricky, Pat, Zachary, Chris & Amy, Dave w/Kyra, Terry & Louise, Dan, Ann
middle: Matt w/Drew, Rich w/Evan, Laura & Sheldon, Jennifer w/Baily & Eric, Neil, Julie, Kathy, Cathy, Diane
back: Sandy & Ricky w/Ben, Emily w/bear, Sheldon & Jeanie, Chad, Larry & Ginny, Terry, Matt,
                                                                          Tim & Andi, Beth in front of them, Kevin, Scott in front of him.
           NEW THIS YEAR:       

        Jerry Pifer, grandson of John Melpolder's sister Ella
        and his wife Xiaohui

  Larry Abbey and his wife, Alice, and Dave Abbey,
  grandsons of  John Melpolder's sister Dena

      Larry and Louise

   Jeanie, Louise and Dave

        Also new this year - a Kauffman cousin:
        Ginny and Larry Cutburth from Texas

Bailey Grace Fallows at her her first
    Melpolder/Jenkins-Kauffman Reunion Picnic

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