Travel Bug Pictures - 2020 - NOVEMBER & DECEMBER  (newest on top)
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Mackenzie Butterfly    Oregon
"Hanging out with Clifford"

Mackenzie Butterfly    Florida
"By the water"

Mackenzie Butterfly    Florida
"Taking a ride"

Louise Duck              
Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany
"Louise Duck in Rostock / Germany"

King Duck      Florida
"Got King Duck in Ormond Beach, FL USA but at the very edge of
Daytona Beach city limit. He was near this grate but not at the grate.

C.J. Grasshopper       Antwerpen, Belgium
"Het ga je goed. "

Fairy Jennifer3          California
"Jennifer is on her way to the West coast!"

The Space Ranger Ducks visit near home

The Trick-or-Treaters visit near home.

Emmett with Space Ranger Duck Emmett

Parker with Space Ranger Duck Parker

Parker Blue Duck         Michigan
Duck takes a sauna"

Tom            Missouri
"I got Tom the duck from lemay park in st.Louis.
 I will be dropping him off at my next geocache."

Chocolate Bunny Duck               Utah
"Got Chocolate duck bunny from cache in South Jordan UT
 Also have a guitar TB for him for the moment."

Chocolate Bunny Duck               Utah
"Visit Dunford Bakery sign.🍩🍩🍩"

Jubilee places Jubilee Witch Duck in a geocache

Jubilee with Jubilee Butterfly

Jubilee with Jubilee Ladybug

Clover with Clover Butterfly
This bug has been traveling since October 2011

Mackenzie Butterfly   Georgia
"I found this tb in a cache, but it was not logged in there. So I am log-
ging it into and then out of the cache to  keep the record correct."

Jennifer Fairy3   Arizona
"Jennifer is on her way to the West coast!"

Parker ScareCrow Duck is ready to travel

forgot to take a picture of
Emmett ScareCrow Duck
on his geocache

Clover Bee is ready to travel.

Parker Astronaut Duck is ready to travel

Parker with Parker ScareCrow Duck

Emmett with Emmett ScareCrow Duck

The ScareCrow Ducks are visiting near home before traveling:
Clover, Jubilee, Parker and Emmett

A Fairy named Clover Jean is ready to travel again.

Emmett Rocketship Duck is ready to travel

Clover Ladybug is ready to travel.

Emmett Rocketship Duck is visiting by home.

Clover Ladybug is visiting by home.

Parker Astronaut Duck is visiting by home.

Clover Bee is visiting by home.

Washington Duck
"Brrr.... too cold for a duck."

Washington Duck
"Amazing View -- Got a geology lesson here"

Washington Duck
"In Bryce Canyon I didn't take him with my on the hike as everything
was virtual but here he is  posing in front of a postcard from Bryce."

Washington Duck
"It was a micro so we just had a visit and read the graffiti"
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