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CrossWinds Marsh

CME12 December
placed Parker ScareCrow Duck
CME11 November
CWT-09 Horse Trail East
CWT-10 Horse Trail North
CME10 October
CME09 September
CME08 August
CME07 July
CME06 June
CME05 May   #2871
placed Jubille Witch Duck
Mom, Dad,

Mike, Laura,
Jubilee, Clover


Red Oaks County Park

Southfield Nature Trails

7 Mile & Middlebelt
Social Distancing!
placed Parker Astronaut Duck
Nature Trails
placed Clover Bee
Ol' Stumpy
placed Emmett ScareCrow Duck
Mom, Dad

CrossWinds Marsh
CME-01 January
placed Fairy named Clover Jean
CME-02 February
CME-03 March
CME04 April
DNF metro airport travel bug hotel (little girl lost)
Ann Arbor Road Travel Bug Bed and Breakfast
placed Emmett Duck Rocketship
placed Clover Ladybug
Mom, Dad

CrossWinds Marsh CWT-12 Horse Trail South
CWT-11 - Horse Trail West
Mom, Dad

Hidden Lake Gardems
Wooley Park
The Paradise Syndrome - Nomad
Thanksgiving Gluttony
Mom, Dad

Island Lake Recreational Area
Yellow Trail
Guarded Liberty
Your Recreational Passport $ at work
Mom, Dad

Pittsfield Nature Preserve
A nod to those who came before
Getting from Point A to Point B
Broken Limbs
placed Deck Hand Josh
It's amazing what you can find in the woods
Where there's a will, there's a way
Mom, Dad

Huron Meadow MetroPark
Pack 345 Den 4 - TC
The Kracken
Cache with your kids
Mom, Dad The Kracken

Holly State Rec Area
HUH WHAT WAIT thats not a Pine Cone
placed A Fairy named Emily5
DNF When You Come To A Fork In The Road, Take It (YB2)
Mom, Dad

James F. Atchison Memorial Park
Sleeping Rocktrolls!
Mephisto's Overlook
Dinosaur Kill, 67,400,000 Years Ago!
London Gold 2012-100m Backstroke-Missy Franklin
Mom, Dad

CrossWinds Marsh
DNF Patent Pending # 4 again
CWT-03 Wetland Garden Trail again
placed Naya
CWT-07 Woodpecker Trail
CWT-06 Blue Heron Trail
placed Naya
Mom, Dad

Orion Oaks County Park
Moose Tree Kids Cache
retrieved goodbye 2019
Jasmine’s Honey Pot
Ball & Chain #3
Lake Orion Bug Hotel
Mom, Dad

Highland Oaks
County Park
Fruit of Wrath
A Little Black Box
Twin Oak
Stick Em Up
retrieved Naya
In the Groove
Mom, Dad

Sleepy Hollow State Park CM-2 Martiny Lake
CM - 2 - Bitely Lake
CM - 2 - Lake George - Clare County
CM - 2 - Fife Lake
CM - 2 - Elk lake – Grand Traverse County
CM - 2 – Crooked Lake – Emmet County
CM - 2 – Big Portage Lake – Jackson County
Mom, Dad
Black Oak Barroen Trail
Spring Lake Trail
Highland Oaks
County Park
Two Stumper
Something is Near
Searching For A Spot
Down By The Sea
Axe Land
Mom, Dad

12 mile
Merit badge Mom, Dad    
               Ancient Wonders of the World

Willows MetroPark
Rendezvous #3
Rendezvous #7
Rendezvous #2
Rendezvous #5
Summer Solstice 2020
Mom, Dad    
CrossWinds Marsh CWT-02 Blue Gill Trail
WT-03 Wetland Garden Trail
CWT-04 Mallard Trail
CWT-05 Muskrat Trail
Mom, Dad    
Modern Wonders of the World

Whittier Park
DNF 366 Calendar Date Challenge
Whittier Park Geocache
Mom, Dad  
                    International Geogaging Day

Maxwell Park
Esse St
Clawson Park
Maxwell park cache
DNF Get me to the church on time
I hate this corner!
Clawson Park
Night Vision 10
Mom, Dad


Sleepy Hollow State Park
CM – 1 – Ionia State Recreation Area
CM- 1- Lakeport State Park
CM-1-UP Crystal Falls Bewabic
CM-1 - Hartwick Pines State Park
CM-1-UP Fortune Lake Bewabic
CM-1-NL Muller Lake
CM – 1 - Leelanua State Park
CM-1 - Interlochen State Park
CM – 1- Maybury State Park
CM – 1 - Ludington State Park
CM-1 - Mt Pisgah - Holland Mi
CM-1- Island Lake Recreation Area
CM-1 - Lake Gogebic State Park
Mom, Dad
May 3, 2020
20 Years of Geocaching


Maybury State Park Maple Trees
DNF Dead End Trail
Mom, Dad

Lower Huron MetroPark

Willow MetroPark

CrossWinds Marsh
placed Sheldon Duck2
MIB07-First Aid
placed Ricky Duck2
CWT-08 Bald Eagle Trail
placed Amy Duck2
CWT-01 Pedestrian Trail
placed Michael Duck2
Mom, Dad
March 8, 2010
First Million Geocaches Hidden

Maybury State Park Cut Your Landline
Maybury History Cache
Whoo's Hiking at Maybury------>
Mom, Dad

Proud Lake
One Big Smiley Returns 18 Mom, Dad

Maybury State Park
Guarding Maybury Pond
placed U.S.A. DUCK
Scatter Of Trees
Twisted Vine
The force is strong with this one
placed Maya - 2020 Modern Duck
Maybury an Island, Maybe Not
placed Justice - 2020 Modern Duck
Mom, Dad
May 27, 2006
First Mega-Event


Davisburg Ret Area
Holly State Rec Area
Independence Oaks
The New I-75 Exit Travel Bug Stop Over again
placed Dasher Duck
Davisburg Travel Bug Rest Stop again
placed Dancer Duck
Weary Traveler again
placed Prancer Duck
The Beer...Errr Root Beer Hunter again
placed Vixen Duck
In the Crotch
placed Comet Duck
MSPCGT:Holly RA again
placed Cupid Duck
Forever an Adventure
placed Donner Duck
DNF Trinity
IO River Loop 01 again
placed Blitzen Duck
Independence Surprise
placed Rudolph Duck
Mom, Dad Reindeer Duck Video
River Loop
Independence Oaks
IO River Loop 01
placed Powder Monkey Will
IO River Loop 02
IO River Loop 03
IO River Loop 04
IO River Loop 05
IO River Loop 06
placed A Gnome named Parker Michael2
IO River Loop 07
IO River Loop 08
IO River Loop 09
IO River Loop 10
IO River Loop 11
placed A Fairy named Amy4
Mom, Dad
May 3, 2000
First geocache hidden

September 30, 2001
First geocoin


Gone Fishin' - TB Rest Stop
placed 59th Anniversary Gnome
placed Parker Blue Duck
Mom, Dad

Proud Lake
DNF One Big Smiley Returns 18
One Big Smiley Returns 10
one left to go
Mom, Dad  
                           Blue Switch Day 2020

Geary Park
HNY20: 9 WEST – 2

We've found caches on 366 of 366 days of the year.
Mom, Dad
Leap Day 2020


Geary Park
9 Mile Road
HNY20: 9 WEST – 3
HNY20: 9 WEST – 4
Mom, Dad
9 Mile Road
HNY20: 9 WEST – 1
DNF HNY20: 9 WEST – 2
DNF HNY20: 9 WEST – 3
DNF HNY20: 9 WEST – 4
PSM-Indian Lore
HNY20: 9 WEST – 6
HNY20: 9 WEST – 5
HNY20: 9 WEST – 7
HNY20: 9 WEST – 8
HNY20: 9 WEST – 9
HNY20: 9 EAST – 1
Echoes of DTMF
D&R Otterly Matched
HNY20: 9 EAST – 2
HNY20: 9 EAST – 3
HNY20: 9 EAST – 4
HNY20: 9 EAST – 5
HNY20: 9 EAST – 6
HNY20: 9 EAST – 7
HNY20: 9 EAST – 8
HNY20: 9 EAST – 9
Mom, Dad

Evergreen & 10 Mile
Gone Fishin' - TB Rest Stop
placed  Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles — Leo
placed  First Mate Hector
Mom, Dad

Stony Creek MetroPark
Engaging View
retrieved Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles — Leo
placed Captain Jack
Mom, Dad  




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