Rael and Michael in ENGLAND

Here's a pic of Mike up in a tree in the park by my house

This is an English post box.....
Mike likes to take pics of post boxes for Sheldon

Here's a pic of Mike and I in front of Big Ben
and the Parliment Building Westminster Abbey

Mike and I with my cousin Sabrina in front of
the London Eye.

This is a sculpture that represents a Salvador Dali painting......on the south bank of London

The world famous Big Ben

Windsor Castle:
This is a pic of the garden where the mote used to be

This guard is inside Windsor Castle.  Notice the
out path parallel to the wall -- this is where
he walks
up and down (ML)

Us at Windsor  Castle (ML)

All these different 'layers' are part of Windsor Castle (ML)

 More 'layers'.  A cathedral at the left.  The most castle-like at the far back (ML)

Pic of the 'most castle-like' building (ML)

Mike and I got our portrait done in Picadilly Circus

Pic of the portrait being drawn

Rael and I on the footbridge, with the Royal Holloway Founder's building clocktower in the background (ML)

Buckingham Palace from afar

London city scape looking away from Buckingham Palace

Rael in Green Park

Mike in front of Buckingham Palace


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Mike and I sleeping on the train after a
long day of sightseeing in London