Rael and Michael in Ireland

"It was a great trip"

Here's a pic from our trip

Really nice shot of Mike at the Ring of Kerry
while we were on a tour of the penisula

These are the Cliffs of Moher

This is from Usher Gardens (Ireland).
Grandma would like it.

Another from Usher Gardens
This is a picture in Killarny and is typical of all Irish intersections

The coast line on the ring of kerry

The typical Irish rain about to poor on us at the
Rock of Cashel

A post office in Ireland

This is in Irish or Gaelic (it's the same thing)

This is a crystal post box from the Waterford Crystal factory and showroom in Waterford, Ireland

This is also at the Rock of Cashel

Mike's favorite thing was the rock fences that were EVERYWHERE!!!!

This is a picture of a replica ship that carried folks
from the potato famine to England and the US

The goat king!!!   King Puck is found in the mountains
each year and crowned king for 3 days.....
a wild goat???

It's very windy in Ireland......but we caught the hat!

Here's a picture of our car in Ireland

Irish towns are colorful

These are some funny signs we came across

This was a replicated bog farm where they harvest
peat or turf for fires

This is a peat fire - see the cubes of peat instead
of logs!

Beautiful Irish mountainside

There are lots of sheep in Ireland!

Upper Lakes in Killarny National Park in Ireland

This lighthouse is in Fenit in the middle of a penisula surrounded by mountains

A castle on the Cliffs of Moher