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He doesn't know how he got this.
It looked like a burn, before it scabbed.
Emmett 9/23

Brielle gets to ride in an ambulance.  10/23
"Brielle got bit by a brown recluse spider. It started as what looked like a giant blister that kept oozing stuff out of it for days.
Our doctor said to keep a close eye on it and if it got any bigger or the redness got worse to take her to the er."            September 2023
Grandma's (the other one) knee injury:
     Emmett gets to ride in a real ambulance.
His stomach hurt - the hospital did tests - but couldn't find anything wrong.

Grandma Knee Replacment January 2023

C.J. hurt himself at Camp Lerman

DECEMBER 2020 Sheldon broke his ankle delivering the mail.

DECEMBER 2020	"Bryce burned himself."

It happened in the Haunted House.
Was it a Ghost?
Was it it Bat?
Was it the Skeleton?
or was it Something Else???
or did he bump his head?

C.J. September 2020

3 stitches for Marlowe.  02-02-2020
"It's just under her last one in her eyebrow."  (see below)

2020:  Emmett fell into the bunk bed.

"Brielle smashed her head on the bath tub...

A giant goose egg and a lot of blood, but she is ok." 5/31/19

6 stitches for Marlowe. She fell on a step.  
Feb 21, 2019 (Patty's Birthday)

Parker was hit in the chest with a plastic baseball.   May 2019 

Parker February 2019
Parker had 2 fillings and bit his lip when he was numb. (Then he fell on it in the parking lot)

"So proud of Cal yesterday at his first high school
tournament. He went 4-1 and finished in 3rd place -
even after taking an elbow to the eye in his 1st match."
                                                          ---Nikki (Dec 2018)

Patty's  IV bruises.  "These are after a week plus."  ---Patty

Parker - first boo boos of 2018

"It took 4 tries to get an IV in."
---Sandy (9/06/18)