BAILEY  2006
Christmas Sleep-Over

More Sleep-over Photos
Christmas Morning

and Christmas Day Photos
Making Chritmas Cookies

          More Cookie Photos

             Christmas Time Photos

  Visit to Emily's House
  "You Are My SunShine"
  "All I Want Is Bubble Gum"

More Thanksgiving Day Photos
Bailey, Grandpa and Nana at the mall
                                 (cell phone photos)

The Grandma and Jennifer Party

More Birthday Party Photos
Aunt Melissa's Visit

More Melissa's Visit

More Halloween Photos

            More Cider Mill Photos

         More Marathon Photos
Bailey's New Little Baby Brother

More Byrce Eric Fallows Photos
Dancing at
Aunt Sandy's Birthday Party

More Party Photos
HAYRIDE at Kensington

More Farm & Picnic Photos

More Melissa & Cyril Visit Photos
Happy 2nd Birthday Bailey

More Birthday Party Photos

Watching Amy train for the triathalon

Emily and Uncle Ricky's Birthday Party

More Party Photos
Bailey's First Camping Trip

           Camping photos
Bailey Goes to Wisconsin

            More Wisconsin Photos
Bailey Goes to See Michael's Band

            More Da Roosta Photos
Melpolder/Jenkins Reunion Picnic

                      Picnic Photos
Bailey Visits Amy's House
and Goes to the ZOO again !

More Amy's house and ZOO Photos
Father's Day 2006

More Father's Day Photos
            Bailey Goes to the Toledo Zoo
                   More Zoo Photos
Bailey's New Kitty: Colby

More Bailey Photos
Birthday Party for Daddy and Others

More Party Photos
Mother's Day 2006

           More Photos
Aunt Melissa's Wedding
and Good-Bye Party

           More Party Photos

   Bailey's New House
      More Ben's Birthday Party
Happy Easter Bailey

 More Bailey (early) Easter Photos

Bailey at Patty's Birthday Party

Bailey Visits the Greatest Grandma

Bailey Goes to the Zoo

Sesame Street Live Photos

       Valentine's Day Party

Bailey Goes to the Detroit Auto Show
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