BAILEY 2006              BRYCE 2006
*Lerman Calendar*
Michael's Trip to Guatemala (2005)
South Dakota Part 1 and Part 2 (2005)

More Wedding Photos (2005)
Laura's Open House
Ben's Trip to the Mall
Grandma's House for Sale - SOLD!!!
The Detroit Auto Show
Winners !!!
Valentine's Day Party
Sesame Street Live
Trip to the Zoo
Visit to the Greatest Grandma
Patty's Birthday Party
St Patrick's Day/Spring Party
Da Roosta Band
Brownie Mall Mania

Easter in Michigan 
Easter in Wisconsin 

Science Center and Chuck E. Cheese
Ben's Birthday Party
The Painting and the Moving 
Jennifer & Eric's New Home
Flying Pig Marathon
Wedding/Going Away Party for Melissa
Mother's Day 
New Baby BOY Fallows
New Baby Boy Ries
WSU Day at the Zoo
Amy's Birthday Party
Tracey & David's Shower
Memorial Day 2006
Big B-day Party: Amy, Sheldon, Eric, Chad, Mike
Another Trip to the Zoo
David and Tracey's Wedding "Costumes
Da Roosta Again
Melissa and Cyril's Home in NC
Bailey's New Kitten: Colby
Toledo Zoo
Father's Day
David and Tracey's Wedding
Grandma in Wisconsin
Amy and Chris in TEXAS
Visit Amy and Zoo
*** Reunion PICNIC: July 8th ***
DaRoosta after the Picnic more coming from Ian...
Trip to Beloit, Wisconsin

1st Annual Lerman Camping
More Photos from Melissa
CAMELOT more coming from Ian...
Emily, Ricky, Debbie Birthday Party
Sandy & Ricky's NEW House

Sheldon & Laura's Trip to N.C. & D.C.

Grandma & Patty's Trip to Italy
Amy's Trip to Vancouver
Michael's Trips  coming...
Bailey's 2nd Birthday Party
Melissa & Cyril's Visit

First Day of School
Kensington farm/walk/picnic
Sandy's Birthday Party
Sheldon's Birthday Party
Trip Up North with Grandma

Linda's 60th Birthday Party

2006 Free Press Marathon

Cider Mill

Melissa's Visit
Wyandotte Girls Soccer

The Grandma and Jennifer Party
Veteran's Day 2006

Steak & Shake Party
Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Friday: The Detroit Science Center
Thanksgiving Saturday 
Senior Citizen Bus Trip 

Terry and Linda Visit 

Making Cookies

Christmas Time Photos
Christmas Day
Trip to Canada

New Year's Eve 2006
Christmas Cards 2006
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