Travel Bug Pictures - 2020 - MARCH & APRIL  (newest on top)
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Thanksgiving Turkey Duck              Michigan
"So excited to find this TB. At first I thought I was getting another
 duck for my collection. We may or may not have 30 different
ones in our shower 😂. Will take good care of it."

Astronaut Duck              New York
"We will bring you along for a bit"

Love Child              New Jersey
"Leaving her in a brand new cache during lockdown!"

Fairy Marisa        Czechia
"Sorry, that I take it sooo long. Now she is in game now :-)"   

Parker Snugbug            Skåne, Sweden
"Moving on!"
Got out of the house today for some nature soothing
relief from the Coronavirus concerns.
So finding Steve put that smile in my soul.
Out on the trail  to the cache,
we discovered an eagles nest high in the tree tops.
Looking closer and  watching we saw the head of an adult
eagle sitting on the nest.
Great discovery; here's a photo. 
Will plan to do more geocaching to calm ourselves
and when the right cache container comes,
Steve will be on the move again.

Eagles nest near cache container at Sterling State Park in Monroe, MI

2012 Gnome Cyril                  Switzerland

TREK                            Utah
"Gonna move it north near I-80 in hopes that it will go a little further 🙂"

STIX            Michigan

Jubilee Bee                  Oregon
"Jubilee the bee"

STIX                    Michigan
Found this little guy today!
Grabbing him and dropping him off somewhere else:)"

Baby's First Travel Bug              Germany
"Heute in einem schönen TB Hotel in Murnau am Staffel
See gesehen, danke fürs zeigen 🥰🍀✌️"
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