Travel Bug Pictures - 2020 - MAY/JUNE  (newest on top)
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Leif Eriekduck      Eastern England, United Kingdom
"Good luck with your onwards travels 😁"

Gnome Parker Michael2
"Parker is ready to continue his journey."

Fairy Amy4
Amy is ready to continue her journey."

Pirate Will 
"Will is ready to travel"

C.J. Ladybug                         Tirol, Austria
"Dat duurde wel lang zeg, maar goed, we hebben onze lady
gedropped in Oostenrijk Tirol, bij Lermoos."
[That took a long time, but well, we have our lady
dropped in Austria Tyrol, near Lermoos.]

Snowman Duck            Montana
"Snowman Duck on tour."

Snowman Duck            Michigan
"Snowman Duck visits MaxB's on the St Joseph River in Michigan"

Parker Blue Duck starts his journey

59th Anniversary Gnome starts his journey

Emmett Ladybug                       Delaware
"First cache in Delaware!!!
Cute cache on a ranch right after the state line."

Emmett Ladybug                  Massachusetts
"Now this is now among the best made and coolest caches we have
 ever done!!! Can’t say too much or it would spoil it, but we did spend
about an hour attempting to get into the cache and having a blast
the whole time.  It’s so creatively engineered and fun."
2012 Gnome Cyril is in rehab in Switzerland

Phuryhr retrieved it from Reha Dr. Phu (TB-Hotel)

"Um dich wieder auf Vordermann zu bringen verlege
 ich dich erst mal in den Privatstationsbereich der Reha.
 Dort wirst du eingehend untersucht und gepflegt.
 Danach darfst du in den Garten und dich erholen zur
Weiterreise.  Bis dahin darfst du jedoch keinen
 Besuch empfangen."

[In order to get you back on track, I'll first
 move you to the private station area of the rehab.

There you will be thoroughly examined and cared for.
 Then you can go to the garden and relax for your
onward journey.
Until then, you may not receive a visit.}

2012 Gnome Cyri   Basel Landschaft, Switzerland

Emmett Ladybug                       Maryland
"Visiting Fort McHenry today but sadly it is all closed up for
 COVID. So we just walked around it and listened to our
 personal tour and history guide, PathfinderMark."

Emmett Ladybug                       Maryland
"We found ourselves the oldest cache in Maryland!!!
 It seems to be kept safe and sound even though the trail down
 to it is so popular. It was a very hot and muggy day when we
hiked down to it. It got a little  exhausting! But it was worth
 it for the delight of such a great grandpa cache!!"

59th Anniversary Gnome        Michigan

Parker Blue Duck is ready to travel.

Emmett Ladybug                       Maryland
"We have crossed over into Maryland! Whoohooo!!!
Found a couple signs to commemorate the excitement."

Emmett Ladybug                       Maryland
"Drove over a very tall bridge to the Solomon Islands.
Read some history about the battle of 1812 and then found a
 geocache on  a small dock. We got to watch a few
kayakers and paddle board  people row by!"

Emmett Ladybug                       Virginia
"What a silly cache name, “How Does A Frog Taste?”
So the TBs gathered around Signal to
make sure he stayed safe and was not eaten!!!

Emmett Ladybug                        Virginia
"What a fun TB hotel that we just found!!!!  It’s a little fireplace way
out in the woods.  It’s a TB hotel in Ashcake, Virginia.  You  wouldn’t
 even know there was an ammo can under the pile of wood!"

Jubilee Bee     Washington
"Jubilee wanted to buzz around our greenhouse and
check out some flowers!"

Emmett Ladybug     Virginia
"Today is day 1 of our eastern states road trip.   We set off from
Chattanooga, TN this morning and made it as far as Virginia
before finding our first cache. We are stopping at 
Lady Liberty
 and the TBs get to stop and visit from the comfort of my
wonderful TB backpack. Emmett got his picture at the
Welcome sign we passed just a few minutes ago."  ---

C.J. Bee

Fairy Marlowe                Denmark
"Seen at the Snubbekorshøj.
We won't bring it with us, but good luck on the journey!"
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