Travel Bug Pictures - 2020 - JULY  (newest on top)
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Gnome Blake Christian #2                Michigan
"Off you go!"

Reindeer Christmas Duck         
Vaud, Switzerland
@ Lausanne Musée Olympic"

Jennifer Fairy 3
"Jennifer stopped here for a beautiful view!"

<>First Mate Hector    Maryland
"Moving on"

Prancer Duck    Michigan
"Picked this little guy up at a Michigan rest stop.
 I’ll see if I can add some miles to it."

Louise Duck              Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany

C.J. Ladybug             Graubünden, Switzerland
"Richtung Arosa!        Langwieser Viadukt"

Jubilee Bee       Oregon
"Near Rogue Pier 39 Public House
Dear Family,  Another stop in Astoria, OR.
 You can almost see the big ship in the
background. These ships enter the Columbia
 River from the Pacific Ocean, and most
of them go all the way to Portland, Oregon!
 xoxo, Jubilee"

Jubilee Bee       Oregon
Astoria Megler Bridge
"Dear Family,  Here I am in Astoria, Oregon!  In the background of my
photo is the bridge that crosses the Columbia River  to Washington.
It is very near the mouth where the Columbia flows into the Pacific Ocean.
The morning started out cool and cloudy with a slight breeze, but by 6pm
it was  warm and the skies were blue! Did you know  Astoria is the place
that  many  movies were filmed!? Goonies, Short Circuit, and Kindergarten
Cop were just a few. Having fun and will write again soon! xo, Jubile"

Jubilee Bee       Oregon
"Jubilee Visiting Giant Western Red Cedar
Dear Family,  5xfj didn't find the container on this day.
There was a  new boardwalk and deck built here, but I saw
 that tree and was amazed! Little ol' Jubilee me thought of the
 adventures I could have in all the nooks and crannies of
 this tree! There were smaller trees growing off of this tree 25 feet
 above the ground! I hope you come visit these places I get to see!
Having a great time on the Oregon Coast, and will write home
 again soon! Leaving Rockaway, Oregon soon!
 xoxo, Jubilee"

Jubilee Bee       Oregon
Pronto Pup Ride
"Dear Family, I almost forgot to tell you about my ride on a giant corndog!
 There was an even bigger one on the roof of the restaurant!
5xfj always stops for a corndog when they are in Rockaway, OR.
It's a popular spot too! These aren't your average sized corndogs!
So crispy and  browned to perfection, delicious!
 (At least that's what 5xfj told me! They didn't give me a bite,
but then honey wasn't involved, so I wasn't really interested.)"

Magician Duck  
Salzburg, Austria
"@ Auf zum Kreuzkogel"

Medieval King Duck       Oklahoma

Sheldon Duck2 is ready to race

Ricky Duck2 is ready to race

Amy Duck2 is ready to race

Michael Duck2 is ready to race

Sheldon Jr with Sheldon Jr Duck2

Ricky is with Ricky Duck2

Amy is with Amy Duck2

Michael is with Michael Duck2

Cupid Duck       Michigan
"Cupid joined Mrs. Epoch13’s rubber ducky collection ,
for a brief flash mob, before going on his way.

Barney Duck       South East England, United Kingdom 
"Meet up with some other Duck"

Cupid Duck
"On his way to the Fenton area!"

Baby's First Travel Bug      Baden-Württemberg, Germany 
"So long!"

Maya - 2020 Modern Duck is ready to (time) travel.

Justice - 2020 Modern Duck is ready to (time) travel.

U.S.A. Duck is ready to travel

Reagen Duck                Denmark
"Seen in Branderup Mølle"

Dasher Duck begins his travels

Dancer Duck begins his travels

Prancer Duck
begins his travels

Vixen Duck
begins his travels

Comet Duck
begins his travels

Cupid Duck
begins his travels

Donner Duck
begins his travels

Blitzen Duck
begins his travels

Rudolph Duck
begins his travels

See their video

Doc             Germany
"Doc war zuletzt bei München. Ich hoffe ihm gefällt
die Aussicht hier und der Nächste bringt
 ihn in eine weitere schöne Dose"

Martian Duck
"Moving to a new cache. Happy travels lil guy!"

Gnome Parker               Michigan
"Found this sign on my hike along the Macomb Orchard Trail."

Bryce with A Gnome named Bryce Christain2

"Ready for my adventure! "

Bryce with A Gnome named Bryce2

"Ready for my adventure! "

Brielle with  A Fairy named Brielle3

"Ready for my adventure! "

Mackenzie with A Fairy named Mackenzie4

"Ready for my adventure!"

Melissa with A Fairy named Melissa2

"Ready for my adventure!"
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