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The popcorn popper fell on Parker's nose.   9/09/14

11 stitches

"So...I've been kind of nervous about Zack
starting football this year.
However, I did not expect the first injury
 to happen at uniform pick-up.
Poor Zack- stitches the first day!"
---Nikki (August 2014)

Emily falls

Bailey's leg.

Getting worse...
"Never found out what caused it :("
Woke up like this.

"A series of events that included falling off a swing, getting kicked in the head by two different people on swings, and tripping."


Getting better...

Grandma had eyelid surgery April 2014

screws removed

Patty had 3 of her shoulder screws removed 2014
(stitches this time instead of staples)

"Bryce fell on recess. Scraped his knee. Then I notice he has a huge rash. Starting at his cast if you ask me.
 Up his arm, across his chest, all over his chin.  Then when I get home from the dr with Bryce I get a phone
call that Bailey fell on recess too."    ___Jennifer

This is pretty cool. This is Bryce sitting on the same exam table with the same doctor 4 years apart. The one on the left is Bryce getting his leg cast removed in 2010 and the one on the right is Bryce getting his arm cast put on today.

"Cast time!"

"After falling on his hurt arm approximately 10 times today,
Mom has confined him to the bed!"

"And... It's a fracture. Definitely needing a cast. He's progressively been in more pain throughout the day.
Going to rest up this weekend and will go to the orthopedic surgeon hopefully Monday."
"Bryce took a fall while skating tonight at skatin' station. Approximately 15 minutes after we got there." --- Jen
"He wore a wrist guard and skated the rest of the night."
" He's doing ok. Says it hurts when moving it. Putting a wrist splint on to sleep. Probably heading to the dr in the am." --- Jen
"Had my finger poked for the wellness warriors. Can you see the bruises! My blood would not cooperate. The 5th time was the charm!"    ---Sandy

"Some advice: don't try to carry a table to the basement by yourself. You might trip down the stairs and have said table hit you in the face. "Just sayin". I'm lucky I just got this cut."     --- Debbie
top half
bottom half
and many other injuries

                             swollen hand                   Oct 1, 2013

2013   This is Emily's leg...the dots are from the bike pedal!
2013    at the ZOO
"It's never a dull moment with Bryce around. An outing isn't
complete without a trip to first aid. Poor kiddo.
He's feeling better now."

Grandma's "dog" injury  2013
It's healing now.

Gnome Drew               Wisconsin
"I am sorry to report that Andrew got dropped today and broke a leg however a little Gorilla Glue put him back together again. After the injury I took him to Langley Lake for a photo op. "

Nikki: "So the ball Drew hit actually hit up my leg where the
circle is kind of visible. Doesn't really hurt, but looks like heck."


It's just a little piece broken off. You can see it
 to the left of the mouse pointer.
Evan broke is toe...
Zack: First Injury of 2013

Nikki: "Zack is practicing for his 1st wrestling meet this Sunday.
Look out 1st graders!  : ) "

Zack had a wrestling injury.  It happened after he won his medal.  The medal was surprisingly heavy, and when Zack was
 jumping up and down, the medal flew up and hit him above
 his eyebrow, breaking the skin.

Poor Bryce when he scratched his eye 2012

"He was trying to toss a sun catcher to Bailey
 and it flung out of his hand into his eye. :( "  2012

"Here we are again. Bryce has an abrasion on his
cornea. No tv, no computer, dark room and no
school for him tomorrow. :-("  2012

"I would like to say Cal got this from his football
game tonight but he actually got it running into the
goal post before the game.  Only Cal"     08/27/12

Tough Mudder Run Toronto  2012

Bailey's bloody nose - July 7th  2012

Chad's knee bruise - July ?  2012

Zachary hurt foot -  ?

  Grandma-"broken" head  (3 stitches)
June 29, 2012

Nikki- broken foot
June 28, 2012

  Grandma-another bruised arm

June 27, 2012